Friday, October 3, 2008

Proyecto Laguna and ANS Drama Club Unite

This week Proyecto Laguna recieved great news from the Drama Club at the American Nicaraguan School in Managua.  We have been chosen by the group of about 70 Middle and High School students as their Community Service project.   This is a great opportunity for both sides.  The students at ANS will be learning how they can make a difference in the lives of children less fortunate while the foundation benefits from all the extra assistance!  The Drama teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Gallegos, says that Proyecto Laguna was chosen because of our diverse projects including;  improving access to education, providing basic health care, distribution of potable water and working with the community providing sustainable jobs.  This week founder, Tracy Finch, spoke with the group about the foundation's mission and goals.  We have begun discussing ways that the Drama Club can raise money and exactly how those funds can provide aid.  
We would like to thank the school for this opportunity and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with the students at ANS!  

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Proyecto Laguna Purchases Materials to Make 850 Backpacks

Last Friday, Proyecto Laguna, with two Diria seamstresses, purchased materials for 850 backpacks at the Oriental Market in Managua. The Oriental Market is the largest market in Managua and is always an adventure full of sights and sounds and the frantic market pace. All of the supplies were delivered to Diria and distributed among the 11 seamstresses and tailors who are now getting started on making the backpacks we will need to distribute to the students of Diria for the start of the new school year in February. By working with local seamstresses we are able to provide employment for local residents and the money we spend on backpacks stays within the community.
Proyecto Laguna is currently working on marketing the products of Diria's seamstresses and tailors to other organizations and businesses to assist in providing a steady source of employment for these residents. The seamstresses and tailors have made several sample bags and we have gotten some interest from businesses in Managua. We hope to complete contracts with these businesses soon and have more work for these seamstresses and tailors.