Thursday, March 5, 2009

Construction of Water Storage Tanks Starts in Six Schools

Proyecto Laguna, working in conjunction with the Living Earth Institute, has started construction in six schools. Our initial plan was to install water storage tanks and repair latrines in 5 schools. Luckily, we were able to stretch the money to include six. This means that every school that is in the countryside of Diria will soon have a back-up source of water. Water is important for health and hygiene and having a storage tank will greatly benefit the students at these schools. We are also repairing latrines in these schools so that the children have a safe, private, place to use the bathroom.
Proyecto Laguna is also working with the parents at each school to help them raise money and put together a maintenance plan so that they can maintain this project independently. We are working in conjunction with the Ministry of Health to start classes in each school focusing on health and hygiene and proper use and care of water and latrines.