Monday, February 9, 2009

The Sta. Elena School has a Garage Sale

Last month the local delegate from the Ministry of Education approached us for help with a problem; at the Sta. Elena school the kindergarten and first grade were sharing a classroom and the children were distracting each other too much for the teachers to teach them. He asked if Proyecto Laguna would help them build a division in the classroom so that it could act as two separate classrooms.
Proyecto Laguna met with the parents and teachers and helped them set up a garage sale fundraiser. The parents and teachers were motivated and well organized. We provided them with donated clothing, toys and household goods and last weekend they sold these items to people in the community. They made over $100 and now have enough to build the much needed division.
We are very happy that we were able to help them and glad that they were able to take the initiative to hold the sale and raise the funds.
Proyecto Laguna would like to thank everyone who donated items to the garage sale. You have made a difference for the kindergartners and first graders in Sta. Elena.

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