Sunday, April 19, 2009

Proyecto Laguna Completes Construction in Seven Schools

Last week Proyecto Laguna completed construction of water tanks and latrine repairs in 7 schools. Thanks to the grant we received from Pangea, the technical direction from Living Earth Institute, and our hands on work every school in the Diria school district now has a water storage tank. This means that thousands of children now have access to water daily at school. Our initial plan to install tanks in 5 schools was expanded to 6 when costs were lower than expected. We were then able to expand to a 7th school. Last year we installed a water tank in the Monsignor school.
Along with installing tanks we installed hand-washing and mop-washing stations so that the children have a place to wash their hands and a separate place to wash the mop. It is our hope that the things the children learned during the water day celebrations will stay with them and they will wash their hands regularly and take care of the water system.
Along with the water tanks we also repaired latrines in several schools. In the El Arroyo #1 school we have bought the materials for a new latrine (the old one was almost full and the base was broken) and the parents are currently constructing it.
The parents, students, and teachers are very happy with this project and have committed to care for it and maintain it. We, at Proyecto Laguna, feel proud to have been able to help these communities and improve sanitation and health for these students.

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